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Conciously sourced


As overpopulation and overconsumption reach new levels, the fashion industry must shift its focus to new methods of fiber production. Recycling and using renewable materials from organic farming is the best route for the activewear industry. At Attāin Studios, we strive to reduce emissions and preserve resources without sacrificing style.
Take a look at these existing solutions for turning waste into fashion and these game-changing innovations for the future.

Because we use all of them.



"If the humans where you manufacture don't have clean drinking water, then it doesn't matter if you're using less water in your manufacturing."
– Aja Barber, Sustainability Consultant, as quoted in Vogue Business

We have nothing to hide! On every item of Attāin Studios, the factory that made it is labeled. We have found amazing business partners and want to share them with you. You can click „Sustainability Report“ on every item..

Attāin Studios

Pleasure With Purpose

Embracing guilt-free pleasure will take practice.

Attain Studios is designing products that boost your mood and celebrate what it means to be human.

Explore Green Packaging

Attāin Studios explore alternatives to plastic and polluting packaging, embracing new
bio-based materials and processes. We would like to take you on board, getting to know your needs and expectations around green packaging and using these as design guidelines.


Attāin Studios shifts the focus from conscious capsule to conscious core. We are putting
product life cycle at the forefront of all design decisions.
Lead with innovation before decoration, and design with
minimal waste, ease of recycling, repair, reuse and resale
in mind.